The Only Way to Clean Your Sneakers, According to an Expert

Aemilia Madden

It's an inevitable, heartbreaking moment when you look down at your favourite new sneakers and realise they just don't look so new anymore. While common DIY remedies can spot-treat the worst dirt and grime, it's tough to get your shoes to look as sparkling as they once started out—until now.

Meet Jason Markk, founder of an L.A.-based sneaker care service by the same name. The service builds on the concept of dry cleaning, putting your favourite Air Force 1s or Stan Smiths in the capable hands of its sneaker care technicians (also known as SCTs).

If braving a trip to L.A. to clean your shoes isn't an option (let's face it, it probably isn't), you can opt in for Markk's custom cleaner and kit, which took 10 months to develop with the help of a chemist, according to The New York Times. So before you rub your shoes with toothpaste or lemon juice, consider giving them the expert-approved spruce-up instead.

Read on to shop a few of Markk's cleaning products to keep your sneakers clean!

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