6 Fall Jacket Trends Buyers Know Will Sell Out

While the runways are a strong indication of the popular trends coming down the pike, when it comes to knowing exactly what styles are going to sell like hotcakes, buyers are the inside source. After all, these are the people determining which products go from runway to retail. In the case of jackets for fall—a category we’re all inevitably shopping for as the seasons change—we asked three insiders to weigh in on which trends will be the biggest.

Tapping the expertise of buyers from Matches Fashion, Farfetch, and W Concept, we determined which jacket trends will rule fall 2018. And though each of the buyers identified their own top three themes that shoppers will love, in total there were six trends that came out on top. Below, take a look at the expert predictions as well as the buyers' personal picks, then shop for all the biggest fall jacket trends in a variety of styles and prices.