The Important Way Jac + Jack Is Supporting Women in Need This Winter

You may know of Jac + Jack as the Australian brand behind your favourite cashmere jumper, but the brand’s recent endeavour is about so much more than the clothes. In partnering with the non-profit organisation, Two Good, the brand has created a sweater and tracksuit combo that is cosy and chic while simultaneously helping those in need.

Operating with what the organisation terms a “buy one give one model”, for every item purchased through Two Good, one is donated to woman in a domestic violence shelter. As wintertime approaches, it was particularly important for the organisation to partner with a brand that would help bring warmth and comfort to these women, and anyone who knows Jac +Jack can confirm that the brand’s soft knitwear seems like an apt choice. While domestic violence can often be emotionally debilitating, lowering a victim’s sense of self worth, Jac + Jack strives to create an outfit that wearers can both look and feel good in—which is something every woman deserves.

Described on the site as “a modern take” on the sweatshirt and track pant. This set is “made for comfort”. So if you’re looking to purchase a new pair of sweats this season, we encourage you to consider this option. For some women, shopping is a nonexistent luxury when finances and safety are at the forefront of their concerns. For all the problems that the fashion industry is notorious for, it’s inspiring to see local brands like Jac + Jack standing behind a good cause to change the dialogue. As consumers, the best way we can affect change is by supporting admirable efforts like this to re-write the impact of fashion. So if today feels like a good day to get on board, keep scrolling to shop the set (or individual pieces) below.

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