I've been looking for a truly stylish raincoat that I can wear year-round and am


Despite the fact that I live in (mostly) sunny LA, my clients have to travel all around the world, so I do know a thing or two about raincoats. First and foremost: it's really important to have a style that you love in your repertoire. As I've mentioned before, saving up for a timeless trench coat-Burberry is my go-to-is definitely worth the investment. You can wear that piece for the rest of your life and it will only get better with age. A stone-coloured, mid-thigh length trench coat is a great piece to start with, as it really goes with everything and can be worn year-round. (Just make sure you buy one that's not super snug, as you might want to wear it over layers in the cooler months.) If you want a trench with a twist, you could go for a style with interesting details, like contrast piping, or pick up a transparent version in a water-repelling fabric. There are a number of sheer styles on the market right now too, ranging from a sporty anorak to a dramatic, feminine option. Finally, you can also consider a brightly coloured jacket; I'm crazy about Miu Miu's star-print raincoat-it's so youthful and fun-or even a windbreaker in a vibrant hue to give your look a little singing-in-the-rain flair.

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