4 Style Mistakes Italian Women Never Make

We talk a lot about style from around the globe here at Who What Wear. There's just something about the looks of foreign lands that never ceases to pique our curiosity. From the polished notes we see in British fashion to the romantic details French girls love to the Scandinavian girls who seem to start every major trend, there are so many covetable aesthetics out there.

But today I'm focusing on the group I consider to have the coolest style in the world: Italian women. There's just something about their bold, alluring style that I find myself wanting to emulate constantly. If you take a look at all of the fashion people I follow on Instagram, Italians make up the highest percentage. To dig deeper into what makes their style so special, I tapped a few of my favorite style influencers to reveal their best outfit tips. Keep reading to find out the four style mistakes Italian women never make. 

1. Italian women never shy away from mixing prints and colors.

"I think Italian girls are not afraid to take a risk, they know how to mix colors and prints which is not always easy," says  Amina Muaddi, owner and designer of her eponymous shoe label (which just happens to be worn by every cool girl on the planet, from Rihanna to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley). They never shy away from color, which is what makes Italian-girl style so fun to admire.

A bold pink blazer is essential to an Italian-girl wardrobe. 

This dress does the print-mixing for you. 

Animal prints are the boldest print you could find—in a good way.

2. Italian girls never overdress.

Italian model and fashion influencer Erika Boldrin explains, "Italian girls never overdress." They know how to strike the perfect balance when putting together looks, which means pairing printed pants with a basic tank or letting the accessories do the talking while keeping the rest of the outfit simple. 

Talk about a piece that truly goes with everything. 

Black jeans ensure even the most extra of tops feel balanced.

A black sweater does the same for an over-the-top bottom. 

3. Italian girls only wear party dresses after dark.

While some fashion cultures want to dress down a party piece for daytime by layering over pants or with a turtleneck underneath, Italian women disagree. "Italian girls wear party dresses only after dark," says Erika. However, once the sun does go down and the party dresses do come out, the Italians go all out—feathers, metallics, sequins, and the like. 

It doesn't get more Italian than a feather mini dress.

4. Italian girls never dress overly sexy. 

Italian women know the importance of striking the perfect balance of skin—they tend to choose one way of showing skin and stick to just that area. Influencer and singer Patricia Manfield explains: Italian girls "Never overdo it, nudity-wise, and they're subtly sexy—it's either a crazy slit with the whole front covered or the other way around. Or sometimes they like a boss suit with no top under the jacket." The key is to pick one area to expose and balance it out in the other areas. 

A naked shoe is the perfect touch of subtle sexy. 

Pair with a miniskirt for a perfectly balanced night-out look. 

The perfect blend of exposure and coverage.

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