The Main Difference Between Italian and American Lingerie

The obsession with the style of women from overseas is really just another "the grass is always greener on the other side" mentality. Americans, Italians, and Parisians—just to name a few—all have a distinct way of dressing, and thanks to social media and the urgency of the internet, we are able to access their style at a moment's notice. But one thing we typically don't discuss as frequently is the difference between lingerie trends as they appear from country to country (and naturally so, as lingerie is traditionally more of a private matter).

On a recent trip to Verona, Italy, with the world-renowned lingerie brand Intimissimi, I had the opportunity to witness Italian lingerie trends firsthand. Considering the fact that there appears to be an Intimissimi store around every corner in Italy, I found myself instinctually taking note of styles that were trending throughout the country. However, as a true American, there were only a handful of lingerie trends I could spot with my naked eye, which is why I turned to an expert on the matter—Chiara Ferragni. In my interview with the beloved Italian It girl, Ferragni explained the main difference between Italian and American lingerie.

Chiara Ferragni at the Intimissimi fashion show


Courtesy of Intimissimi

"I think Italians wear simpler kinds of colors. They are more into the traditional kind of lingerie while Americans maybe want to have something more special for different occasions. For myself [as far as trends go], I say never say never, because sometimes I find myself saying, Oh, that’s something that doesn't do it for me, and then months later, I find myself fully embracing the trend," she explained.

After doing a deeper dive into the lingerie styles Americans typically wear, versus women from other countries, I started to understand what she meant. In America, the concept of "lingerie" often gets misconstrued as something you only wear for special occasions or when you want to feel exceptional. But in other parts of the world, lingerie truly is an everyday essential and an inherent part of women's wardrobes. This ends up translating into Americans buying pieces that feel extraordinary versus wearable. To further explain what Ferragni was getting at, we shopped out a handful of lingerie trends available at Intimissimi.

This goes without saying, but the lingerie you like solely depends on your personal preferences, not where you're from or where you live. But in case true Italian style is something you're craving, we gave you the shopping picks to ensure you leave with a cart full of pieces Italians (including Chiara Ferragni) love.


Wear this with high-rise jeans and sneakers for a casual yet elevated look.

This lace version would look great with a silk slip dress for a night out.

Garter Belts

Hold your stockings up in style.

Or go for a bold version of the timeless lingerie piece.

Slip Dresses

Personally, I don't know how I'd get dressed every day if I didn't have a slip dress in my closet. 

This is something you can layer under another mini slip dress to create a makeshift party frock.


The kind of bralette you can wear with anything. 

Let this piece peek out from underneath a dress or camisole. 


Although statement-making, this underwear can be worn with everything from jeans to cocktail dresses.

Bra Tops

Since this bra top is lined, you can choose to wear it underneath something or on its own.

There's no denying how sultry you'll feel wearing this one.

Lace Tops

A lingerie item every woman should have in her wardrobe. 

How pretty is this rich green silk? 

Padded Bras

The lace on this bra is so soft you'll be able to wear it underneath the thinnest of T-shirts. 

Everyone needs a red bra in their lingerie drawer. 

Matching Sets

Don't get us wrong. Italian women have lingerie for special occasions too. 

You'll feel like a million bucks in this version. 

High-Rise Briefs

Don't rule out high-rise underwear unless you've tried it.

We know—these ones are non-negotiable. 

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This post was originally published on an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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