12 Investment Pieces I Don't Regret Buying


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I recently got a bit of flack from my S.O. when referring to a recent purchase as an investment. They laughed at the idea of clothing being an investment and asked how much I planned to get back as a return on said investment. I thought to myself, Have fashion industry folks been using the term a bit too loosely? And if so, how can we decipher a worthy investment from a frivolous splurge?

Certain pieces like outerwear, blazers, and quality bags can truly live up to the cost-per-wear breakdown. To calculate the cost-per-wear of an item, divide its cost by how many times you plan on wearing it or have worn it. (For example, a $300 pair of shoes you've worn 20 times has a cost-per-wear of $15.) Ideally, I'd like to get my cost-per-wear for an investment piece down to $1 per wear (which may be ambitious though certainly possible).

So technically speaking, are you making any money on your wardrobe? While the answer is likely no, you can use this thought process to help you decide whether or not to invest in a pricey item. If you need some investment-piece inspiration, keep scrolling to see 12 items that are worth the money.

Which piece are you considering investing in? (We know, it's hard to just pick one.)

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