The Awesome Styling Trick We Learned From Instagram

Jessica Schiffer

Instagram is an endless source of inspiration, allowing us to virtually travel the globe and peek into the lives of stylish denizens the world over. But it’s also teeming with accounts that focus solely on the artistry of fashion, homing in on details that we risk missing in a time of so much engaging content. Enter @AxDesignMagazine, a compilation of the coolest and quirkiest detail shots from fashion runway shows and lookbooks. It’s the work of a creative agency in Istanbul, Turkey, called AXD, that focuses on digital brand management and art direction.

While doing our regular scroll through the account recently, we stumbled upon an image (below) featuring a style trick that’s both unique and accessible: the bandana scarf as ankle-tie.

Scroll down to learn how it works!



Usually relegated to the neck (or as an actual bandana in the ’90s), these square scarves are especially popular right now, leading to a wealth of great (often affordable) options on the market. And with anklets also making a comeback, this trick offers the best of both worlds.

In most cases, you’ll simply want to fold your scarf into a triangle and then roll it from the longest side to the triangle’s center point so that it becomes, in essence, a skinny scarf. From there, you’ll wrap it around your ankle about three times (scarf depending), tie the loose ends into a knot, and voilà! That being said, playing around and giving it your own spin is highly recommended (as is testing out the simpler skinny scarf option, if you’re feeling lazy).

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