I Asked 5 Instagram Stars the Secret to Their Poses

Gina Marinelli

Over the past few months, the terms Barbie Feet and Baby Giraffe became part of our vocabulary. But both took on totally different definitions in the context of Instagram. Essentially, these trending poses proved to be helpful guides for how to nail an amazing photo—especially for those who aim to look a little taller. But that's merely where the photo tips begin, and to truly understand we turned to five Instagram stars well versed on the topic. 

The below women are no strangers to Who What Wear—we feature their style and faces very often—and we asked them to weigh in on what they do to craft a photo worthy on precious grid space. Not only did they get candid about what they really think about Instagram's catchphrase trends, but they also provided tried-and-true advice for what they do to successfully capture an amazing outfit, moment, and mood all at the same time.

Scroll on for their secrets to posing for the lens.

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