I Deleted Instagram for a Month, and Now I Dress More Like Me

Anna LaPlaca

Last month, I was sitting in a meeting with the rest of the Who What Wear editors, and we got onto the topic of just how much time we spend scrolling through our Instagram feeds. Curious, I opened my phone to an obscure folder in my Settings. There I found the number of hours I spend on Instagram glaring back at me: 21 in seven days.

I was pretty jolted, but not wholly unsurprised. After all, it's a big part of our job as editors and we can regularly be found searching for inspiration in our "saved" folders. Even still, I'm sure that spending 18% of my waking hours on a singular app will have long-term repercussions I'm not yet able to account for, but what I was really curious about was how the app might be subconsciously affecting my outfits on the daily.

At this point, you might be gearing up for a preachy article discussing all the ways that social media is ruining society. While I'm sure there are salient points in support of that argument, that's not what I intend to do here. Instead, my Instagram detox was purely focused on testing out a theory that we've discussed at length in the Who What Wear office: Is personal style dead?

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