Hollywood's Highest Heels

Personally, we here at WhoWhatWearDaily are huge fans of vertiginous heels. Sharing a background of dance lessons and moderately short height, we both have a predilection for stilettos (the higher, the better) and a lack of sensation in our feet that allows us to indulge this fetish. Not to mention it's just a fact that the taller the heel, the skinnier you look-a bonus we just can't refuse. Bearing this in mind, we must call attention to MK's fondness for towering shoes. While the average (read: our) budget does not make allowances for Olsen's Balenciaga selects-currently sold out but available on eBay-we've located similar silhouettes at a less steep price. Steve Madden, Tara Subkoff, we thank you. Our accountant thanks you. Our podiatrist....well, that's another story.

photo of Ashley, courtesy of www.x17online.com


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