This Might Be the Chicest (and Funniest) Mum on Instagram

Erin Fitzpatrick

We don't know what we love more about Innika Choo's Instagram account: the amazing style inspiration, the rich colours, the ridiculously photogenic family, or the hilarious captions. Luckily, we don't have to choose—her feed has all of that (and more). The designer and mum of two is based in Bali and has an eponymous line of smocks and sandals, which she frequently wears in her photos. Her account is definitely worth a follow, but be warned: You'll probably spend hours thumbing through her feed. 

Scroll down to see our favourite Instagrams from designer Innika Choo, and go a bit further to shop her brand!


girls. is this a back handed compliment?

A photo posted by innika choo (@innika) on


wit and wisecrackers

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everything is great. she said. through gritted teeth. until her neck vein popped

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lovely litter #thesamatasanur @lifestyleretreats

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