How I Dressed Like an Editor on an Intern Budget

When I received my internship acceptance letter from the Who What Wear team, the first question that popped into my head was What am I going to wear? The best part about working in fashion, in my opinion, is that it allows for more creative expression than most other industries (though we've covered how working in a corporate setting can still be stylish). Although I was excited about the endless outfit combinations on my horizon, I was worried my college student budget wouldn't allow me to live up to my full fashion potential. Despite the challenge, I was still determined to dress for the job I want, which in my case is the role of fashion editor.

Though I'd love to be shopping as if I earned a full-time salary, I ultimately had to get creative about how to put together editor-quality outfits on my intern budget. Below, I'm sharing the tips and tricks I used to curate a fashion-forward work wardrobe as well as a few of the outfits I wore in office throughout my internship.

Now you're all set to dress like an editor, too, no matter what your budget looks like.

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