This Robot Is Judging the Grammys Red Carpet

Aemilia Madden


No, this isn't the latest sci-fi film. At tonight's Grammy awards, a robot will be analysing every outfit that goes down the red carpet. IBM and the Recording Academy are teaming up on a project that uses Watson AI to curate the best imagery and video for social media.

IBM notes that it will categorise hours of videos and almost 125,000 photos using facial recognition, colour, and even emotion. Watson has also been enlisted to analyse past Grammy winning songs making this what might be the most technologically advanced award ceremony to date. Could this be one step closer to robot musicians? That may be a stretch, but it proves that technology can offer an interesting new perspective when it comes to the red carpet. So, whether you're more about traditional commentary, or you're willing to give artificial intelligence a go, make sure you tune in tonight.

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