The One Layering Piece Every Cool Girl Owns

Lauren Eggertsen

Want to add another layer to your outfit that works for spring? We know just the thing, but it might take some confidence and quirk to pull it off. Thanks to the insanely creative fashion crowd, it has officially been proven that tulle, mesh, and chiffon (but particularly tulle) is no longer reserved for ballerinas. The thinly sheer fabric is the perfect thing to add to any look to give it some extra detail.

Tulle has been spotted in all shapes and sizes included dresses, skirts, tops, and even socks. We are loving the look most when it is completely juxtaposed with something edgy and off-kilter like chunky boots or even over jeans and a sweatshirt. Curious for the many ways you can pull-off this styling trick yourself? Ahead, you'll find outfits suited for multiple style personalities, along with the best tulle items on the market right now. 

Keep reading to shop the tulle, mesh, and chiffon items are are fawning over now, but first, read the styling tricks you need to make the pieces work for you. 

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