The Spring Trend Everyone's Posting About on Instagram

Lauren Eggertsen

There are some trends that we expect to have a longer shelf life than others, but believe me when I say bike shorts were not a trend that fell into the category of projected longevity. As much as we love the trend, the concept of wearing little spandex shorts alongside oversize tops and blazers seemed like it would lose its hype fairly quickly. However, according to the overwhelming presence of the style on Instagram during fashion month, we could not have been more wrong.

Both on and off the runway, influencers, celebrities, and editors 'grammed the hell out of bike shorts. Thanks to the influencers' insanely innovative styling techniques, we now have a laundry list of ways to wear the trend, and thanks to the runway, we have a shopping list worth looking forward to come spring. Ahead, get ready to see our favourite bike-short moments throughout fashion week and shop the pieces you'll need to partake in the trend.

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