The Outfit Combo Fashion Girls Are Into Right Now

Dacy Knight

Just as certain pieces make their way in and out of fashion, certain ways of styling the classics are also persuaded by what's in right now. As evidenced by street style looks we witnessed during fashion month, the look du jour when it comes to lace on top is quite formulaic: a fitted long-sleeve tucked into a high-waisted midi skirt. The results are perfectly put together with an appropriate dose of sex appeal, nodding to ladylike sensibilities of yesteryear yet infused with fashion forward brio. 

If deduced to occasion, the look is at once brunch with the in-laws with equal parts impromptu cocktail party that turns it up after hours. We've seen lace overlay all over the bottom half, highlighted by Jessica Alba pulling off a completely sheer skirt in Paris, but lace on top continues to hold its ground. Though the look is nothing new, its snug fit tucked into a high-waisted skirt is the return of a time-tested silhouette that looks as fresh as ever.

Keep scrolling to see our favourite executions of the look.

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