This Trendy Color Is Guaranteed to Make Your Outfit More Photogenic—Here's Proof

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I'm going to let you in on something: Some trends are underrated, and some are overhyped. You can scour the runways and scroll on Nordstrom thinking you’re excited about a trend, but you might realize that it isn’t flattering after trying it. And then, there are the trends that you could deem “ugly” or impractical at first glance, only to find that they look great on you. When it comes to the kelly green color trend, its categorization falls into the latter. I can recall a time when the fashion set was ambivalent about color. In fact, for a few seasons before the pandemic, there wasn’t a day that passed when our editors weren’t obsessing over beige, oat, butter, and every other neutral—those hues had a gorilla grip on us. Of course, neutrals will always be a significant part of wardrobes, but there is something exciting about the rise of saturated hues, including kelly green.

Green’s popularity is due to luxury houses like Bottega Veneta releasing punchy green-hued pieces over the past few seasons. Kelly green is by no means a new color trend, but if you scroll through Shopbop’s new-arrivals section or social media, you’ll conclude that this isn’t your grandmother’s green of the past. Newer iterations of this color exist in everything from oversize button-downs to miniskirts to clutch bags and platform heels. The sheer versatility of what you can shop in this color (plus the fact it looks good on everyone) makes adopting it all the more tempting. But if you’re unsure of how to wear kelly green, keep reading. I’ve rounded up 10 outfit ideas to show you how to style the hue and the best kelly green pieces to shop right now. Consider this your ultimate “cookbook” for wearing your greens and serving a look.

Tonal Suit + Kelly Green Bag
how to wear kelly green, green bags



Style Notes: Kelly green has been trending for a while now, but if you’re still dubious about incorporating this color into your closet, look to this ensemble as your starting point. Simply pair your favorite neutral suiting separates with a kelly green bag and watch how you warm up to this hue.

Shop the key piece:

I own this bag, and I’m telling you it’s just the pop of color your signature suit is missing. 

I love the beaded shoulder strap on this bag.

Printed Dress + Shoulder Bag + Kelly Green Shoes
how to wear kelly green, green color trend, fashion trend, green shoes



Style Notes: Another simple way to incorporate this color into your life is by starting where all great outfits begin—the shoes. Throw on your favorite dress (it can be minimal or printed) and style it with a pair of kelly green shoes. Whether you opt for cute flats in the bright hue or bold statement heels, this summer-ready look is sure to make anyone green with envy. 

Shop the key piece:

Kelly green ballet flats are the shoes I didn’t even know were missing from my life.

I’d recommend styling these with an LBD for date night.

Comfortable and cute? *Adds to cart immediately.*

Sneakers with a pinch of kelly green? About it. 

Kelly Green Sweater + Jeans + Heels
how to wear kelly green, green sweater



Style Notes: If you’ve gradually warmed up to the idea of this bold hue, then the next best way to wear this color is through knitwear. Knits are basic wardrobe pieces we can wear year-round, so opting for a kelly green sweater or even a cardigan is the way to go. Simply pair it with your favorite jeans and heels, and in the summer, bring it along for a night out.

Just when you thought this color couldn’t get trendier, Jacquemus released its cult-status micro cardigan in the hue. 

This knitted halter top has me in my feelings.

Kelly Green Outerwear + T-Shirt + Jeans
how to wear kelly green, green color trend, fashion trend



Style Notes: Kelly green outerwear has entered the chat, and I’m not mad about it. If you’re feeling this color, there’s possibly no better way to embrace it than through beloved staples like a blazer, bomber jacket, or full-length coat. This vibrant hue will breathe a new life into your outerwear collection and can be worn year-round, so it’s a win-win.

Shop the key piece:

Mango didn’t leave a crumb on the plate when it created this blazer.

Bomber jackets are back, so why not buy one in green? 

Everything about this blazer screams money. 

Kelly Green Sweaterdress + Belt + Chelsea Boots
how to wear kelly green, green color trend,  green sweater dress



Style Notes: Green may be equated with spring, but don’t be fooled—this hue is worth adopting year-round. Should you find yourself needing a pop of color, opting for a kelly green sweaterdress with boots, a belt, and a coat is a great call. This look works just as well in the spring as it does in the fall, and that’s how you know it’s worth investing in.

Shop the key piece:

I want to live in this dress—please and thank you.  

Did your jaw drop when you spotted this dress? Me too, fam, me too.

Sweater + Kelly Green Shorts and Matching Accessories
how to wear kelly green, green shorts



Style Notes: Whether you’re not a dress person or it’s too hot outside to be donning a sweaterdress, there is another way to embrace this beloved hue: shorts. When it comes to kelly green shorts, the styling possibilities are endless. Biker shorts can be jazzed up with a sweater and matching accessories, or green linen shorts can be paired with a relaxed tank and sandals. Whether you choose to dress this tint up or down, I suggest only pairing it with one to two other colors to keep it as clean as fresh-cut grass.

Shop the key piece:

Ideal for working out or running errands. 

These are perfect if you want a more formal look. 

These are perfect for a hot summer day.

Kelly Green Skirt + Contrasting Button-Down and Blazer + Heels
how to wear kelly green, green skirt



Style Notes: When it comes to this color, part of the assignment of embracing this trend is to go bold. Enter this outfit idea. Pairing a kelly green miniskirt with two other primary colors is earning all the extra-credit points on the project. But if you can’t imagine wearing more than one saturated hue per outfit, I recommend investing in a skirt with a little extra pizzazz. Even if you’re only pairing your green skirt with a white T-shirt, you’ll still get a good grade in my book.

Shop the key piece:

Zara always understands the assignment. 

Not your regular old slip skirt.

Apprehensive about the return of miniskirts? Allow me to reintroduce you to the skort. 

Kelly Green Set + Sneakers + Woven Tote + Sunglasses
how to wear kelly green, green color trend, set



Style Notes: You may not be amped about putting multiple saturated hues together, but how about just wearing kelly green to the max? The easiest way to style this color is by committing to it full force and opting for a full set. It’s a bold choice, but is there any better way to embrace this tint? I think not.

Lightweight Kelly Green Dress + Sunglasses + Sandals
how to wear kelly green, green dress



Style Notes: If sets are not your style, then the simplest way to wear kelly green is by wearing a lightweight dress this summer. You can choose to opt for a more formal one paired with heels, or you can throw on a cotton dress with your Birkenstocks. But no matter what route you choose to take, it's clear this color continues to be the best hue to take out for a spin.

Shop the key piece:

We love a simple cotton dress.

Style this with loafers and you’ve got the perfect weekend outfit. 

Um, Mango did not need to go that hard with this one.

Cutouts look so much better when they’re in kelly green. 

Tove’s sustainably made dresses are a favorite among our editors. 

Kelly Green Button-Down and Suit + Heels
how to wear kelly green, green color trend, fashion trend



Style Notes: You’ve made it to the end of this story, and you’ve hopefully concluded that kelly green is that color. This vibrant hue looks good on everything from casual shorts to oversize button-downs Heck, you can even layer it all into a suit like above, and it will still be flattering. Not to mention, there are so many great ways to style it, making this the best color trend to adopt. Basically, no matter how you choose to wear this color, you can rest assured that the grass does look better on the other side of the lens when you’re wearing kelly green.   

Shop the key piece:

Just when I thought this color couldn’t get any better, the hardware detail on this blazer proved me wrong.

Oversize shirts are a must-shop right now.

What could make kelly green even better? If it came in satin, of course. 

The perfect suit shorts have been found. 

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