Gingham Is Everywhere, But This Is How the Cool Girls Style It

You could call gingham the unofficial print of summer. Every summer, year after year, gingham prints of all colors emerge and are equally as popular as the previous season. They instantly make you think of picnics, backyard BBQs, and long beach days. Gingham will never go out of style, but there are moments when its popularity surges more than others—and 2021 is one of those moments. 

Summer is just getting started, and gingham is already everywhere. However, there are a few styling tricks I've noticed the coolest fashion girls applying that make their outfits feel more modern, directional, and intentional than your average gingham look. From wearing multiple gingham prints together in a single outfit to pairing the print with an unexpected third piece, below are a few styling tricks for wearing gingham in ways that feel specifically 2021. 

How to wear gingham like a fashion girl



Style Notes: Layer gingham with more gingham pieces for a cool matchy moment. Bonus points if said matching pieces are a swimsuit and cover-up, as three-piece swim sets are having a major moment.

Style Notes: Pair a sweet gingham dress with cool sneakers for a modern update. 

How to wear gingham in 2021



Style Notes: Pair two different gingham prints together for a fun twist.

Gingham styling ideas



Style Notes: Go for darker gingham patterns for an edgy twist.

Style Notes: Pair a voluminous gingham dress with sleek shoes for a cool juxtaposition. Black-and-white gingham is also a great option for pieces you want to wear year-round. 

Style Notes: Wearing a graphic T-shirt with gingham pants is an unexpected pairing that feels playful for summer.

Style Notes: A colored gingham print worn with cool sneakers adds a streetwear twist to your look. 

How to style gingham like a fashion girl



Style Notes: The only thing better than one gingham print is two.

Style Notes: Platform sandals are a major 2021 trend, so matching a sweet gingham dress with a pair of flatforms feels directional and modern. 

Style Notes: A basket bag or picnic basket with a pretty gingham dress is ideal for your next outdoor soirée. 

How to wear gingham



Style Notes: Throw an oversize button-down or white collared shirt over your gingham dress for a very 2021 look.

Gingham styling ideas



Style Notes: Make your gingham dress even sweeter with delicate earrings and a colorful headband.

How fashion girls wear gingham



Style Notes: A gingham swimsuit is as classic as it gets, and this high-waisted style feels retro in the best way.

How to wear gingham in 2021



Style Notes: A gingham one-piece is a swimsuit you'll wear for years. Pair it with cool sunnies and consider your beach look set. 

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