The Coolest Way to Wear Your Scarf (With Step-By-Step Instructions)

Nicole Akhtarzad

“How to wear a scarf?” Did you know it was the most-Googled fashion question of 2014? While there are countless ways to style the cold-weather accessory, choosing our current favourite was a no-brainer. On our radar lately is the scarf/wrap/shawl hybrid that’s effortlessly cool. Here’s our breakdown of how to do it, but if you’re more of a visual learner, we love this handy tutorial (check out the “cosy shoulder wrap”).

Step 1: Drape your (unfolded) scarf evenly over both shoulders.
Step 2: Tuck one of the front corners back behind the opposite shoulder, underneath the scarf.
Step 3: Take the remaining front corner, put it over the opposite shoulder and tuck it in behind your neck to keep it in place.

Tip: the bigger the scarf, the better. 

Scroll through to see how some of our favourite street style stars styled the look.

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