Editors Agree: This Is How to Wear a Romper as an Adult

Lauren Eggertsen

To start off this cyber conversation, I would like to state that jumpsuits and rompers are two very different things—jumpsuits are pant-length, and rompers are short-length. Jumpsuits are always a safe (and chic) option at any age, but rompers, on the other hand, can leave you walking a very fine line. Since these playsuits can quickly cross over into looking less elevated due to their short hemlines and often obnoxious prints, we needed to know once and for all what is and what isn't ok when it comes to wearing rompers as a grown woman. Because let's face it, we aren't at uni anymore. 

Since our editors here at Who What Wear know a thing or two about how to dress fashionably and appropriately pretty much 24/7, we reached out to them to see what styling advice they had regarding the matter. Not to our surprise, all four of them ended up agreeing upon the same thing: When it comes to wearing a romper as an adult, editors agree that they need to be structured and well tailored. There you have it: Rompers can look polished and elevated, so long as you keep the silhouette mature and crisp. 

Keep reading to see what other advice they have to lend and to shop rompers that are editor-approved! 

Keep reading to shop rompers that are age-appropriate! 

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