How to Make Your Outfit Look Expensive Without Spending a Cent

Amanda Bardas

Is there anything worse than accidentally overspending on your budget, and having to scrimp and save the week before payday? No. And the torture is made even worse when you’re constantly surrounded by new and shiny things (thanks for that, Instagram), but that’s not to say you can’t have your fashion fix. We know you’re addicted to shopping and style (that’s why you’re here, right?), so we’ve made it our mission to prove that it is possible to update your look, without having to spend a cent.

Important tip #1: Ahead of the weekend, make a plan to get the most out of your spare time, and commit to sorting through your wardrobe—you’ll  be surprised how many pieces you rediscover or find new ways to wear them. Which brings us to Important Tip #2. Keep scrolling to discover simple updates you can make now to update your look for winter (and of course if you can’t resist a little bit of shopping, we’ve thrown a few pieces in for you, too).

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