The Top 3 Ways to Master the Engagement Ring Instagram

Getting engaged is without question one of the most exciting times in a woman's life. Once you've said yes, however, there's something even more important to communicate. You have to tell all your friends and family! The easiest way these days, of course, is via a social media platform like Instagram. Thanks to an insanely helpful article from Vogue, we've learned quite a lot about taking the perfect engagement ring selfie to go along with your announcement. To be honest, we hadn't thought much past making sure we have a manicure! That tip is definitely on their list, but there's a whole lot more to it. Our favourite bits of advice pertain to how to set up the perfect shot, so we've taken the liberty of picking our favourite 3 tips from the article to share more in depth with you. Be sure to click back to Vogue to check out the rest of the story and for more engagement ring photo tips. 

In the meantime, scroll on to check out those top 3 tricks to master your engagement ring photo, along with some great examples!

1. Prop shot


cheers to ordering my wedding dress this weekend! ????????????????

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Vogue dubs this one the prop shot. They advise, "a hand draped over your fiancé’s or curled around a glass of Champagne can often feel less stiff than a hand-alone picture."

2. Background shot

Another creative idea is to work in a background that hints at the engagement story. In Vogue's eyes, that might include the table at the dinner where he proposed, the tray and rumpled sheets from your first engaged breakfast in bed, or even your intended in the background with your hand in the foreground.

3. Boomerang shot

“Boomerang is a clever medium for the engagement ring selfie,” suggests event planner Bronson van Wyck. “The app can capture the live-action excitement and happiness of the bride and groom doing an activity they enjoy together yet indirectly showing off the jewels.” He continues, “Maybe they are walking their dog, shaking up a celebratory cocktail, or making eggs in the morning, but whatever it is, the subtle flash from a new sparkler is sure to catch the viewers’ eye and make them do a double take.”

Which shot style is your favourite? Sound off in the comments below!

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