The Selfie Myth That I Proved Wrong

Allyson Payer

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I'll be the first to admit that my selfie-taking skills are somewhat lacking. On the rare occasion that I do take one, I usually resort to hiding behind a pair of sunglasses or just showing half of my face, putting the focus on my fun earrings instead. So when I heard claims about an iPhone trick that makes your selfies better, I was game. 

When I asked my boyfriend if I could borrow his new iPhone 7 to take a selfie, I was met with a sceptical stare, but he shrugged and handed it over. The iPhone 7 allows you to use the HDR feature in front-facing camera mode, and I'd heard that HDR mode is the key to better selfies. HDR (high dynamic range) actually takes three photos: one overexposed, one underexposed, and one that's somewhere in between. It then combines the three into one colour-perfected photo with the shadows and highlights balanced to a T. Sounds promising, right?

After several failed attempts (like I said, selfies aren't exactly my forte), I finally took one that I was satisfied with, and as you can see when compared with the exact same photo without HDR, there is indeed a difference, but it wasn't the outcome I was expecting. With HDR, while my features were clearer, my skin more bronze, and my hair brighter, I found that imperfections were magnified and the brightness was a bit harsh and not an accurate representation of my true colouring. Without using the HDR setting, my imperfections were blurred (in a good way) and the photo was softer, with more of a flattering glow. 

So my verdict is while HDR certainly makes for a clearer picture, clear isn't always best when it comes to selfies. I'll be sticking to the non-HDR setting for future selfie-taking.

Keep scrolling to see the difference between my with-HDR and without-HDR selfie, and shop iPhone covers and accessories that will contribute to stellar selfies while you're at it!

Slide to the left to see the difference that not using HDR makes.


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