How One Local Influencer Is Adapting Her Personal Style for Coachella

Jaime Ridge

Chloe Hill for Dillon Dot

In all honesty, choosing my Coachella outfits has been a lengthy and time consuming task. This is my first time going to the festival, and if you know me and my style, the Coachella aesthetic is somewhat different from my personal style. My wardrobe consists of mom jeans, an extremely wide array of shirts and blazers, a series of structured dresses and tailored pants, and the odd structured skirt. I am most certainly more of a jeans, shirt and blazer kind of girl! So yes, ‘Coachella vibes’ are slightly out of my comfort zone when it comes to my everyday look.

I guess I should consider myself lucky then, because my background in styling has provided me with the tools to collate my numerous outfits for the crazy, amazing desert days ahead. Moral of the story: I am loving planning my outfits, it feels liberating to step outside my comfort zone and in many ways ‘dress up’ for a giant colourful desert party. 

 So, where did I start when embarking on this challenge? I have spent an immense amount of time over the last few months searching for inspiration—in imagery, art, different designers, music, and anything creative really. I have scrolled the web pages of all my go-to publications, blogs and Instagram accounts I regularly engage with.

Brands such as Chloé, Zimmermann, Tigerlily, Steele, Linda Farrow, Dior, Rag and Bone, Emilio Pucci, Bec and Bridge, Spell, Levi’s, Alexander Wang and Missioni all played a direct or indirect role in inspiring my outfit choices, and accessories were of huge importance. Jewellery, scarves and interesting sunglasses were high on my list of priorities. So here we are! I have three concepts, each of which I now absolutely love!

For each of my looks, I first chose a theme. From there, I chose a main piece I felt represented my interpretation of that particular theme or idea. Next, I added accessories—hats, a scarf, shoes, handbag, sunglasses and jewellery. I chose to go crazy with accessories for all my looks! As I said, Coachella is the time do your thing—and do it in a fun and excessive way.

My first look is a denim, desert-rock kind of look. Levi’s denim cut-offs and trucker shirt paired with chunky boots, jewellery stacks, Linda Farrow sunnies, a sunhat from Venice and my Prada stud bag. My second look is very much inspired by Rachel Zoe. I’ll be wearing a H&M Studio maxi dress, which I have saved for the occasion. I’m planning on pairing the look with my vintage Dior headscarf and Chloe sunglasses. My final look is a super cute Steele mini dress they so kindly made for me! I cannot WAIT to wear this gorgeous piece. I chose to pair it with black boots, my Acne Studios leather biker jacket (for when it gets cooler in the evening) and a black wide brim fedora.

After spending hours formulating my looks, the most important thing I took out of the whole experience is that Coachella is about expressing yourself and your personal style. You can adapt what you usually wear to the Coachella aesthetic by creating looks that fit your idea of festival chic. It’s all about having fun, so that is exactly what I have done.


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