9 Elevated Ways to Style Your Maxi Dress This Summer

Amanda Bardas

Wearing a maxi dress in summer is a no-brainer. It's the one piece you can just throw on to get out of the door in three seconds flat—but it's almost too easy to look sloppy or like you're headed to the beach. There are two factors that turn a maxi dress from beachwear to the elevated and sleek outfit we know it can be.

First, an ill-fitting style/shape is not your friend. It needs to cling in the right places, and fall softly where it's supposed to. The key is in ensuring the straps and arm holes fit comfortably. If they are too tight, you run the risk of the rest of the dress sitting incorrectly.

Second, your accessories are more important than you think. It might be easy to reach for thongs, but they'll immediately make your look feel more beachy than elevated.

We've curated nine perfect examples of how to style a maxi dress this season. Click through, and then shop a dress to suit your style.

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