This Is Why You Only Need One Good Pair of Jeans

Amanda Bardas

With one good pair of jeans, you have the freedom to get away with wearing them almost anywhere. ASOS recently revealed what you should look for when shopping for denim, so with that info in mind, you should be well on your way to finding your ultimate pair of jeans for 2017. The ones that you can throw on every single day and feel polished, put-together, and not to mention, comfortable.

I recently purchased a pair of Re/Done Straight Skinny Leg Jeans ($491), and they're the perfect fit. I feel like I finally found 'the one', and all I need now, is to update with tops. I can get away with wearing them at least three or four times a week and no one even notices. The key is in making the tops I wear them with, interesting.

Keep scrolling for some outfit ideas, then shop interesting tops to pair with your favourite jeans.

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