The Simple Styling Trick Everyone's Flaunting on Instagram

how to layer with a collared shirt



Yep, the latest Insta-famous trend is here and it couldn't be any simpler. Even though more revealing trends like backless tops and cutouts have been ultra-popular online, this one is kind of like the opposite in every way. Layering a collared shirt underneath sweaters is the super-simple styling trick that immediately makes a basic outfit look so current.

The best part of this look is that they're made up of just the basics and the styling ideas I'm seeing are also pretty simple and straightforward, which means this look couldn't be more wearable. Since you probably already have a classic button-down shirt in your closet, just grab your favorite sweater, sweater vest, or crewneck and layer it on top with the collar sticking out. Or, if you're like me and are worried about all those layers looking bulky, you can cheat a little and order these fake collars from Amazon for $15.

I've been following this trend for a while and now that there are enough real-life outfit examples to show you, I'm confident these are definitely a thing. Of course, this look is all over Instagram, but I have to give a shoutout to the TikTokers who have really taken this one and run with it. So without further ado, here's how to style collared shirts like all the cool girls.

how to wear collared shirts



This is a great way to spice up those classic crew-neck sweaters that probably haven't gotten enough love this season.

Fully embrace the prep-school vibe when you pair this layered combo with a miniskirt, crew socks, and loafers.

collared shirts layering



You know if Dua's on board, then so am I.

Layering a vintage crew-neck sweatshirt with a collared shirt is kind of an Emma Chamberlain signature.

how to style a collared shirt



Add a little something fun to your loungewear outfit.

cool ways to wear a collared shirt



Sweater vests were basically made for this layering trick and fashion girls agree.

Wear it with leggings for an of-the-moment take on your casual outfits.

collared shirt outfits



Styling this with sweaters and coats will make you look like a layering genius. Trust me.

collared shirt outfits



Add a little bit of structure to that oversize everything vibe that's so in right now.

trendy collared shirt outfits



Yep, an easy way to make your favorite sweaters pop.

Speaking of Insta-famous trends, you have to see the "napkin top" trend fashion people are actually pulling off.

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