How to Store Sweaters, According to an Expert


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With temperatures cooling down, it’s safe to say we’re ready to start swapping those lighter layers for something on the warmer side. After spending months relishing the feeling of warm sunlight on our bare skin., we're now finding ourselves longing to be bundled up in our favourite knitwear to fight the cold. And now that we’ve started reaching for those chunky knits instead of that light denim jacket, knowing how to properly store our favourite sweaters is a must.

Storing our sweaters neatly (and safely!) will give us peace of mind knowing they’ll remain in their top condition until we wear them next. Until then, we asked New York–based organiser Tova Weinstock of Tidy Tova for her best advice on how to keep our favourite wool and cashmere sweaters organised and away from any pests all season long. See what she has to say; then shop our favourite sweaters on the market to wear all autumn long.

Wear these sweaters all autumn and winter. Then, once you put them into storage, they’ll be set until the next season.

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