How to Store Boots, According to an Expert

Now that spring has arrived, more likely than not, you're itching to break out those open-toed sandals and mules. So when you're in the process of swapping out your winter wardrobe for spring, you're going to want to know how to store your boots.

Oftentimes, we go through the process of choosing the perfect pair of heels or booties to accompany your ensemble and a pile of shoes accumulates at the bottom of your closet in the end. Keeping your shoes stored and protected will give your wardrobe a breath of fresh air, and who doesn't want that?

Whether you're retiring your ankle and over-the-knee boots until the fall or you want to reorganize your closet to give yourself optimal space and organization, storing your boots is easier than you think. We asked Julie Naylon, the professional organizer behind No Wire Hangers, to offer her expertise so your boots will be safely put away in your closet. See her tips now.

Clean and Repair Boots Before Storing Them

There's nothing worse than unpacking your boots after a long time in storage and finding them dirty or in bad condition. Instead, prep and store them in their best condition. Future you will be thankful.

Store With Charcoal Bags

Naylon explains that charcoal will absorb any moisture as well as odors. Not to mention that charcoal packets are eco-friendly!

Use Boot Boxes

Finally, keep your boots inside boot boxes. This way, they'll remain dust free and will be easy to stack on a high shelf when you're not using them.

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Now that you know how to keep your boots organized, see how you can organize the rest of your closet like an expert.