3 Fashion Items You Should Stop Wasting Your Money On

Amanda Stavropoulos

Shopping addicts all have one thing in common (other than the inability to stop shopping)—continuously purchasing the same pieces over and over. I will readily admit that I'm a culprit, I have so many pairs of jeans that I've bought online in my quest for the perfect pair and haven't bothered returning because I thought "I'll just make them work". Newsflash: You can't just make something work. Unless it's a perfect fit and easy to wear the moment you put it on, it will never be something you reach for.

The same goes for pieces that are just difficult to wear. If a piece needs a slip, a belt, an extra layering piece to make it work, then chances are it will be too hard to wear day-to-day.

As we come to the end of the year, it's time to start thinking about our fashion resolutions, and one we should all consider, is to stop wasting money on things we will never wear. 
Keep scrolling to discover the top three fashion items everyone should stop wasting money on.

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