I’m Moving House and It’s Helped Me Re-Evaluate My Whole Wardrobe

Amanda Bardas

How many times have you rushed out to buy something new when an event lands in your calendar? I’m in the process of moving house and while packing up my wardrobe I realised I am so guilty of this behaviour. So many pieces hastily purchased that don’t actually reflect my personal style. They have a one-wear expiry date and end up sitting at the back of the cupboard.

Last month was Fashion Week Australia (ordinarily an occasion where I would buy an entire new wardrobe), but this year I decided to wear nothing new and prove I could still put together outfits that felt new. In fact, I even re-wore pieces I had worn to fashion week last year. Quelle horreur! 

You see, I'm very aware of how much "stuff" we have and what I contribute to landfill. Do I really need to buy a bunch of new things, when I already have more than enough in my wardrobe? Probably not. Plus, I love getting dressed every morning in my everyday life, so why does fashion week, or a special event have to be any different? 

Packing up my wardrobe to move house has made me realise I have all the pieces, I just need to rediscover ways to wear them. We all do. So I’m making a commitment to shop smart. For fashion week this year I found a few ‘new’ pieces to add to my wardrobe, but I can justify those as they were from Vestiaire—an online market place to buy and sell pre-owned fashion. I chose to shop sustainably, and I shopped pieces I had had my eye on for at least a few seasons. Shopping from a re-sale website like Vestiaire is an opportunity to invest in classic, timeless pieces, without having to fork out for the full RRP. Take for example, the classic Fendi baguette below—I can feel good about giving a classic piece a second life.

Moving forward, I’ll be approaching my shopping habits differently. I tackled my fashion week wardrobe by going straight to Pinterest and finding inspiration. Inevitably, almost every outfit I had pinned to my secret style board, included pieces I already had in my wardrobe. I just had to look at them differently, and style them in new ways. I encourage you to think twice before you hastily buy something for a certain event. Source fresh inspiration, look to re-sale websites like Vestiaire, and spend some time shopping your own wardrobe. Read on to peep my “old” fashion week outfits and for a little history on each piece I re-wore.

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