How to Shop for Fashion on Etsy

Amanda Bardas

Before we know it, Christmas will be here, and we'll be scrambling for last minute gifts. But, if you're clever, you'll bookmark Who What Wear Australia, and check in every day while we deliver stories on how to get organised, gifting ideas, and just general Christmas cheer to get you in the mood.

First up, we're looking to Etsy. The perfect place to go to find an original, one-of-a-kind, or unique gift. While Etsy has been around for just over ten years, it's certainly evolved from its beginnings, to become a worldwide marketplace where emerging designers are making a name for themselves. With over 35 million items for sale, and sellers from almost every country in the world, we figured it would be a pretty good place for you to start your gifting this year. The only problem? Working out how to navigate through all those products, when all you know is that you're on the hunt for something in the fashion/and or accessory space. Where to start? 

I recently shopped on Etsy for embroidered iron on patches, which was easy, because I knew exactly what I wanted (for those curious, I purchased these to sew over a rip in a shirt I'm not ready to part with yet). But what do you do when you don't know exactly what you want? Or if you know exactly what you want? Esther Kelleher, communications manager at Etsy, has all the answers.

If you prefer to shop offline, the Etsy Made Local markets are almost here! Mark November 19 in your calendar, and visit your nearest Etsy Made Local to shop the crafters, collectors, and artisans in your local community.

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