A Trainer, an Athlete, and Lululemon Say These 3 Things Make Leggings "Perfect"

Lauren Eggertsen

Up until today, you probably found yourself saying "the perfect pair of leggings does not exist." And how could they? Everyone wears leggings with varying intentions. While you might put yours on to run a casual marathon, others might wear theirs for sheer comfort. On top of that, no two bodies are exactly alike, meaning one person is searching for a fit that's completely different than the next. So, maybe there isn't one particular pair of perfect leggings, but there are certain qualities that, when combined, make up a pair of leggings that can't be beat, and we were determined to find out what those were.

In order to get the most thorough answer possible, we reached out to Lululemon, an athlete, and a trainer for their takes on what to look for when shopping for standout leggings. Between someone who designs leggings for a living and someone who wears leggings for a living, it's safe to say we're in good hands. Below, you'll hear from Audrey Reilly, SVP of women's design at Lululemon, and Dara Hart, athlete and founding trainer at Dogpound (we killed two birds with one stone—sue us) on the three most important legging qualities, from complementary yet varying perspectives.

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