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Now that you’ve booked the flight to your next destination, the last thing on your pre-vacation to-do list is to start packing. Of course, fitting every article of clothing deserving of an Instagram into a suitcase can be a heavy feat to overcome, but not when you roll your clothes. We’re all about packing light with a capsule wardrobe, but it’s even better when you’ve got that extra room to go shopping (and let’s be honest, who isn’t going shopping during vacation?).

So how do you master this genius packing trick? We asked Monica Leed, co-founder of Simply Spaced, to give her expert tips to use the space in your suitcase to your advantage. Follow her tips below, and your vacation wardrobe will be ready to go in no time.

Start with the perfect suitcase.

“We believe it’s important to set limits,” Leed says. She also says that a standard carry-on that spins is a great place to start and works well with the rolling method. “With the right bag, you should be able to roll in enough clothes for up to four days.”

Choose outfits wisely.

Leed advises to stick to a cohesive colour palette. “Neutrals and a pop of colour go a long way. All your clothes should pair well together and one-piece outfits like dresses and jumpers are your friends,” she says. “When you roll them up, they take less room than a two-piece outfit.”

Roll like you fold.

“Fold so they are all approximately the same size so you can see and access them easily,” Leed shares. According to Leed, the best way is to lay your clothes on a flat surface, fold the arms and legs so the fold is about as wide as your palm or fist, and then roll it into a compact taco.

Use packing cubes.

If you want another level of organisation, these will help you group things together to ensure that you have all your bases covered and can account for any overlap in your wardrobe.

Now, shop some of our favourite pieces that will roll away nicely for the next time you take a trip!

With the rolling method, you’ll have the added benefit of feeling more organised along with more room. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!

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