What NOT to Do When Returning an Item

Jessica Schiffer

We’ve all been there—wanting to return an item (or items) that we purchased on a whim, usually for an upcoming event that had us feeling especially uninspired by our closets. Perhaps you went home, tried it on, and realised it just wasn’t really right, or noticed that the fit wasn’t as great as it seemed in the cloistered dressing room. Maybe you were even so confident in your choice at first that you ripped off the price tags. So what’s there to do, other than hold on to the item, letting it collect dust in your closet?

Well, depending on the store's policies, you still might be able to return it if you follow the below advice to a T. We spoke to numerous retail associates with experience at stores like Madewell, LululemonLOFT, and Barneys to find out exactly what behaviour you should avoid if you want to get your money back.

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