Fact: Spending More Time in Your Pyjamas Will Make You Happier

Amanda Stavropoulos

When was the last time you truly relaxed and switched off? We’re so connected to our phones, emails, and just general life, that taking time to actually just chill is rarely high on the agenda. One label, however, is inspired to change that and help us switch off from our 24/7 existence.

Enter: Chalmers Pyjamas. The sleepwear label focusing on getting us into our PJs for more than just sleep.  Next time you get home after a long day at work, take a minute to yourself and switch straight into your pyjamas. The clothes you associate with relaxation (i.e. sleep), rather than your work clothes, will help you switch off, enter leisure mode, and recharge. The more you feel recharged and relaxed, the happier, right?

A recent study showed that millennials are workaholics, so maybe it’s time we all make a pact to get into some fresh new PJs, and take time out. We know what we’re doing this weekend...

Keep scrolling to peep the label's wares on Carmen Hamilton, then shop some fresh pyjamas for yourself.

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