This Is What It Really Takes to Put a Fashion Show Together


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Today, the much-loved Australian brand, We Are Kindred, presented at Fashion Week Australia, and the show was nothing short of astounding. With free-flowing fabrics (a signature of the brand) and bold accessories, the presentation showcased an uber-chic version of the bohemian aesthetic in a way that was truly inspiring, to say the least.

While we were mesmerised by the garments on the runway, another question came to mind: For the audience, a fashion show is all about the short period of time in which they view the clothes… but how much work really goes into creating this experience?  

To get a little inside info, we spoke with the show’s stylist, Marina Didovich. And she revealed exactly what we were expecting: Putting on a presentation like this takes work, and a lot of it. Not only did Didovich spend months preparing for Fashion Week Australia, but she also zeroed in on the smallest details that normally go unrecognised. No matter how small each component may seem on its own, they all add up to create the show experience—and in the case of We Are Kindred, an experience we’re sure to remember all season long. To read about how a stylist prepares for Fashion Week Australia, and to find out what exactly goes into the process, keep scrolling.


Supplied by We Are Kindred

What is your favourite part about putting on a fashion show?

My favourite part of working on the We Are Kindred show is the incredible team I've had the privilege of working with. These girls are beyond!

What is the biggest challenge of putting on a fashion show?

For a show stylist, I would say it's liaising with different creatives and working towards the same deadlineshoe designers/jewellery designers/milliners… as stylist, it's not just about styling clothing from the designer’s collection. It's about creating a whole look and making it come to life producing all these different styling aspects with so many different creative teams can be very challenging.


Supplied by We Are Kindred

How far in advance do you start preparing for a show?

The We are Kindred girls are VERY organised. We started throwing ideas around about 6 months ago in regards to styling.

How many people typically work on one fashion show to make it all come together?

So many people are behind the scenes making a show come to life... design team, hair team, make up team, stylist, stylist assistants, models, model agents, producers, lighting techs, sound techs, ushers, prop stylists, runners, dressers, caterers. location managers, parking honestly takes an army!


Supplied by We Are Kindred

What is something that people don’t realise goes into a fashion show?

A lot of sleepless nights!

Where do you get styling inspiration from to keep shows feeling interesting/cool?

Inspiration comes from everywhere... it could be from a trip overseas, an old music video, a cool kid that lives down the road. I guess it's about always striving to challenge yourself to keep evolving and find new inspirations.


Supplied by We Are Kindred

How much does the collection your showing play a role in the way the entire show is formulated?

We heavily channelled the soft, whimsical brand aesthetic of We Are Kindred throughout the show’s styling. However, we purposely added some slight touches of tough elements (for example in the jewellery design, set design and hair direction) as an unexpected juxtaposition.

How do more minute details like music/ lighting get chosen for a show?

Music and lighting come into consideration towards the end of the project when the team has a very clear picture of styling, model line-up, hair, make up, etc.

A lot of consideration goes into music and lighting as this can make or break how the collection is viewed.The first question I usually ask is, “Do we want to present the collection literally?” For example, We Are Kindred is typically a very soft and pretty brand. Do we want to reflect this in the atmosphere? Or do we want to choose music and lighting that contrasts with this typical aesthetic? Once you answer this question, the creative journey begins!

However, in saying that, if the collection is inspired by a certain band or music era, this direction would be chosen before the actual collection is even designed... it just goes to show there are no rules of how the direct a show!


Supplied by We Are Kindred

You’ve had a notable career in fashion. What is your favourite fashion-industry memory?
Meeting my husband on an overseas shoot.

What are you most looking forward to about Fashion Week Australia 2018?
This probably sounds really selfish, but for me it's about seeing what additions will be added to my wardrobe next season!

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