How to Capture the Perfect Instagram Shot This Party Season

Remember when we took photos pre-Instagram? Oh, it was an easier time. We only had to worry about what our real-life friends thought of our outfit and if we wanted to take a nice picture, we’d just swing our arm around the other person and smile down the barrel.

Now, there are so many other factors we consider. Like, “Did I wear these same sneakers in yesterday’s outfit?” and “Where are the most photogenic walls in this neighbourhood?” and “How do I pose to look cool (even though by saying this statement I realise I am totally uncool)?”.

Having my own Insta-blog (@alycealyce) and running creative agency BOSSY., means I “work” on Instagram every day, styling looks and creating content for different brands. What I’ve learnt, is that there are a whole lotta different ways to pose on the ‘gram, to capture the perfect shot.

With party season here, everyone is feeling a little more snap happy, so keep scrolling to take note on how to capture your perfect pic.

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