Kristen Bell's GENIUS Trick for Looking Taller Instantly

At 5'1", Kristen Bell classifies as a truly petite lady. What the star lacks in height, though, she makes up for in humor, wisdom, and good old-fashioned sass. When we saw her at This Party Saves Lives in Los Angeles—a fundraiser she hosted to celebrate the business model of her philanthropic granola bar company, This Bar Saves Lives, which provides food to a malnutrition child for each bar purchased—we had to ask her if she has any petite dressing tricks up her sleeve she'd be willing to share. And she does—literally.

"If you can show wrist, you look lankier," Bell told Who What Wear."So I always tailor my long sleeves to hit just above the wrist. I do it with my blazers as well, and I've found it to be a very nice trick that sort of insinuates that I might be a supermodel underneath these clothes, which I'm fully not. I'm very stout. It makes it look like you're just too tall to wear it."

Bell also mentioned that she typically takes between one and three inches off of every dress she buys, and she keeps a very close eye on her hemlinestrying to have them hit right above the knee. But it's her genius sleeve tailoring trick that really blew our minds.

Do YOU have any petite dressing tricks you rely upon to look taller? Tell us in the comments below!

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