"Lagom" Is the Swedish Trend That Saved My Wardrobe

Erin Fitzpatrick

Move over, hygge—you're so 2017. There's a new Scandinavian trend on the block, and it has the potential to improve your closet in no time. Swedish plus-size brand Ellos first introduced me to the idea of "lagom," meaning not too much, not too little—just right. It's how Swedes tap into that oh-so-coveted but rarely achieved life balance, and it's just the fresh perspective I needed to give my wardrobe an overhaul.

"Life is about finding your happy medium. The message of lagom is to discover peace in the simple things—a mantra that we have adopted at Ellos," the brand's senior vice president, Anne Stephenson, said in a statement. "In our modern efforts to beat deadlines and maximise schedules, we often forget to remain centered. The Ellos woman lives a full life, so we created National Lagom Day as a reminder to always keep peace and balance at the forefront of our demanding lives."

It's safe to say Ellos is doing something right: The affordable label, which stocks sizes 10 to 34, has been popular in Scandinavia since it was first established way back in 1947. So, when the brand invited me to Stockholm to tap into the lagom mindset, I jumped at the chance. Between frequent fikas (Swedish coffee breaks) and nature-filled bike rides, we were able to unplug and center ourselves in Sweden. Sadly, that's not the reality of my day-to-day life, but I did pick up a few pointers on how to apply the concept to my closet. Read on for three ways to lagom-ify your wardrobe.

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