How This Influencer Gets Organised for Fashion Week

Amanda Bardas

When you have a big event looming on your calendar (like a work conference or an overseas holiday), it pays to be organised. Rather than approaching an event and being flustered by deciding what to wear, how to get there, or how to fit everything in, make a plan, so there are no surprises.

Fashion Week Australia is just days away (circle May 15 on your calendar), and it’s one of those events that we can’t wait for—but a lot of prep is needed beforehand to ensure that the week runs smoothly. In the lead up, we reached out to organisational expert and fashion blogger Beck Wadworth—who also happens to be the brains behind lifestyle brand An Organised Life—to give us her top tips for getting ready for fashion week.

If you won’t be dusting off your heels for a week of sartorial spectating, consider the next big event on your calendar, and apply these tips. Keep scrolling for Wadworth’s advice.

Beck Wadworth of An Organised Life is signed by Chic Blogger Management.

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