Fashion Wasn't My First Career—Here's How I Made the Change

Allyson Payer


Truth be told, I didn’t grow up, or even go to college, with the intention of working in fashion. Unlike most of the other kids in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (where I’m from), I didn’t play sports. I was a theatre kid. That’s not to say I wasn’t interested in fashion. I spent many hours at the mall and reading fashion magazines from the get-go, but given that it was the early ages of the internet back then (yep, I’m already dating myself), that was as far as my interest in fashion reached at the time. So, long story short, I went off to college in Pittsburgh, got a degree in musical theatre, and moved to New York City quickly after graduation. After doing the wide-eyed aspiring actress thing for a couple of years, I realised that my childhood dream wasn’t exactly all that I’d hoped it would be IRL. Stay with me here…

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