What Your Wedding Day Style Says About You

Amanda Bardas

If you're in the process of organising your wedding, chances are you've googled 'wedding day style' at least once. Its a tough one to know, because unless you've been married before, you probably haven't thought about what your wedding day style would be (or what it even is).  

Everyone's personal everyday style varies, but it can always be categorised in some way. You might be the type of girl who lives in denim, or the girl who's always updating her look with accessories, or the girl who only wears bright colour—whatever way you define your style, those are the pieces you gravitate towards for your every day dressing. The same goes for your wedding day style.

I recently attended a Vera Wang bridal showcase, and during the presentation, we were told that the designer creates her gowns for seven different types of brides (and supposedly everyone falls into one of these categories). Keep scrolling to discover what they are, and find your bridal day vibes.

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