Truth: This Is How Often You Should Get Fitted for a Bra

Amanda Bardas

Bra shopping is one of those annoying tasks that we know we need to do, but always put off. It’s uncomfortable and not to mention cold (all that undressing?), but unfortunately, necessary. As it turns out, we’re all making the same mistakes when we do inevitably bite-the-bullet and shop for undergarments.

Let’s start from the beginning—we wear a bra for support, but how do you know if you’re actually getting the support you need? In order for you to feel great, your outfit to look great, and to keep your breasts from sagging, a well-fitted bra is essential.

To help us gain a better understanding on the mistake we all make when bra shopping, we spoke to Marie Savvas, the owner and mastermind behind lingerie brand Palindrome to find out how to fix it. Read on!

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