What You Should do Now to Have Your Dream Wardrobe at 40

Amanda Bardas

Being the proud owner of a streamlined and curated wardrobe is no easy feat. It takes time, patience, and planning, but once you get there, there’s no better feeling (I imagine). Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people with a streamlined and curated wardrobe (yet). My dream wardrobe is in sight, but still a little way off. What I do have though, is all the right foundations in place so that by the time I reach 40, I'll have my version of a perfect wardrobe.

Why 40? Well, in order to make those bucket list purchases (a Céline Wool Tweed Coat ($3430), a Cartier LOVE Bracelet ($8800)), I need more time to save my $$$, and in order to really understand what my dream wardrobe is, I need more time. In my opinion, your early 20s are a time to start figuring out what your personal style is—and as I approach 30, I feel like I’m starting to really understand what I like to wear, what feels like ‘me’, and what suits my body. With a little more time, and some solid planning, I’ll have the ultimate wardrobe by the time I’m 40 (because all good things take time).

This is what I’m doing now, so that I can have my dream wardrobe by the time I’m 40. Read on!

Opening image: Street Smith

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