How to Dress Up Sneakers for the Holidays

Allyson Payer

Just because it's the holiday season hardly means you're required to resort to uncomfortable footwear. In fact, a no-fail way to make your outfit look 100 times cooler is by opting for something a little more unexpected than fancy heels. Enter sneakers. If you want proof of this statement, look no further than the street style stars who regularly demonstrate the power of a good pair of sneakers. Going to a holiday cocktail party? Try a pair of Converse sneakers with your metallic skirt. Headed to a holiday brunch? Wear your statement jacket and skinny jeans with a pair of simple white kicks.

With these sneaker styling tips, rest assured that you won't risk getting the side-eye from your mum due to your footwear of choice. Instead, she's likely to applaud your ability to make even the most comfortable of shoe styles look cool and appropriate for any occasion—holiday-season gatherings included. With that in mind, keep scrolling to find out how to style your sneakers for the holidays and shop the best pairs to wear this season along the way!

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