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Melida Cartmer for The Undone (via: @theundonestore)

You’ve heard it referenced to time and time again, but what really is a capsule wardrobe? Put simply, a capsule wardrobe is one that is edited down to the essential pieces... a curated closet, if you will.

Ideally, every item in a capsule wardrobe should work well with the others, meaning that even though your closet may be more condensed, the outfit possibilities are basically endless. In theory, a capsule wardrobe could withstand the test of time, as it's built from classic essentials. Talk about mindful shopping... 

So how does one begin to build a capsule wardrobe? It’s a fair question, and the task can seem like a daunting one. Our advice: Don’t worry about suddenly creating a capsule wardrobe all at once. Just start by shopping consciously, with your capsule wardrobe in mind, and over time your closet will evolve.

Rather than getting rid of everything you already own and spending heaps on 'he essentials, start by paring down your closet to things you really love and wear over and over again. Once you’ve got a good idea of what your go-tos are (and have a little more room in your closet), you can start shopping pieces that will work well with your existing favourites.

Instead of getting hung up on trends, try to focus on more timeless pieces. While trends come and go, things like the perfect jeans or cashmere sweater are forever. Sure, this may initially mean spending a little more money on high-quality garments, but once your capsule wardrobe starts to come together, you’ll likely end up saving money by avoiding fast fashion trends altogether.

It’s important to note, though, that it doesn't need to be either the symphony or silence. Building a capsule wardrobe doesn’t need to be expensive. And it doesn’t need to happen overnight.

It's important to keep your budget in mind, and shop for items that you really think will contribute to your wardrobe for years to come. It may seem like a lot to think about right now, but never fear. To make building your capsule wardrobe a little easier, we’ve found the best sites to shop for the types of essentials you should start considering. Read on to discover the best brands to check out, and you'll already be halfway there.  

Modern Citizen

According to its website, Modern Citizen’s goal is to “empower the modern woman by making refined style truly accessible.”  And it definitely lives up to this. To make your life even easier, the site categorises clothing into sections like “work” and “weekend” to make your capsule shopping a breeze.

The site also sells home-wares, in case you’re trying to extend your chic aesthetic beyond just your wardrobe. Did we mention that everything is shockingly affordable?

Modern Citizen Jaselle V-Neck Dress in Red ($124)

Oak + Fort

Oak + Fort began in 2010 with an idea that fashion should be "uncomplicated and thoughtfully designed". Luckily for us, these two features make the brand perfect for starting to build a capsule wardrobe. With an extensive selection of classic pieces, there is something for everyone, no matter how daring or simple your style may be. Even the more out there pieces on the site stick to simple colour palettes, meaning that these pieces would likely pair well with your pre-existing favourites.

Oak + Fort Dress H356 ($146)

Oak + Fort Sweater 1967 ($67)

Oak + Fort Pant H254 ($93)

Assembly Label

Australian brand Assembly Label is built around the idea of functional coastal living. Prioritising "relentless quality and refined simplicity over adornment", Assembly’s essentials will withstand the tests of time. We guarantee that no matter what trends come and go over the years, you’ll want to hold on to Assembly's staples for years to come.

Assembly Label Verona Trench in Flax ($300)

The Undone

To avoid feeling boring, it’s important that your capsule wardrobe contains a few special pieces which really speak to your personal style. One of our favourite sites for these splurge pieces? The Undone. Sticking to a relatively neutral colour palette (ideal when curating your capsule), The Undone is amazing source for those investment pieces that will really define your style for years to come.

Matin Long Wrap Dress ($420)

Frame Denim Washed Down Popover ($341)



Famously known for its affordable cashmere, Everlane’s ethical approach means that the brand’s staples are made to last and sold at a fair price. In addition, Everlane discloses the trust cost of all of its products to encourage shoppers to be aware of the practises that go into to producing their garments.

Everlane The Kick Crop Jean ($99)

Everlane The Day Heel ($184)



"Dedicated to creating luxury-quality essentials that you want to wear again and again," Grana is the perfect place to start stocking up for your capsule wardrobe. Hoping that you’ll wear the clothes for a good time and a long time, the brand uses high-quality fabrics that are made to last.

Oh, and by the way, they have free shipping over $100.

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