Do This to Check the Quality of Your T-Shirts

Adrianna Barrionuevo

Whether you're spending $10 or upwards of $100 on a piece of clothing, you should always make sure it's worth your money. This is especially true when it comes to wardrobe basics you'll wear the most. T-shirts are a fashion girl's staple and a purchase that one can easily regret if simple things like its material or fit aren't just right.

The folks at Racked shared a useful video that helps any shopper compare different T-shirts—at varying price points—to see which one is worth buying. One of the easiest tricks is the stretch test, where you gently tug the fabric apart to see how much light shines through the tee. Racked notes that material also plays a role in this, so if you're comparing two T-shirts and both let the same amount of light through, the best option is the one made with 100% cotton. Another trick you can do in-store is the wrinkle test. You simply scrunch the bottom of the T-Shirt and squeeze before letting go and watching how the fabric unwrinkles itself. Easy, right? Check out Racked to see the third way to compare T-shirts and keep scrolling to shop some of our favourites.

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Opening Image: Everlane

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