The Modest Capsule Wardrobe That Will Change Your Wardrobe

If your closet's filled to the brim and you've decided to try out capsules, you might have noticed there's seemingly a capsule wardrobe for everything, from babymoons and travels to the holidays and a minimalist aesthetic—you name it. Sure, learning how to streamline your wardrobe to a few carefully curated pieces per occasion is quite helpful, but what if there was a capsule wardrobe that you didn't need to edit, one that was just modest enough for each and every occasion? Running errands, grabbing coffee with friends, going to work… Imagine how easy dressing up in the morning would be knowing that you've finally decluttered your closet and now every item goes well with everything you own? Well, we asked ourselves that same question and came up with this easy way to help you figure out how to build a modest capsule wardrobe to fit all your needs.

Hint: It's way easier than you think. Sure, at first it may sound like just another capsule wardrobe, but this one ranges from classic trench coats that are great no matter where you live to mules that are the ideal shoes for transitional weather to cropped pants that are modest but still fun, especially when paired with long-sleeve shirts and midi dresses that you already own. Doesn't that sound ideal?

If you like what you're reading, find the four key pieces you'll need to make your mornings (and life) easier—at least when it comes to your clothes.

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